4th RESAW Conference (17-18 June 2021)

Remote conference organised by the

Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) / University of Luxembourg.

Mainstream vs marginal content in Web history and Web archives

The 4th RESAW conference, organised by the C²DH (Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History) at the University of Luxembourg, is part of a remote Web archiving week starting on 14 June 2021, which will involve a series of RESAW pre-conference workshops in parallel to the IIPC General Assembly, followed by the IIPC conference organised by the BnL (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg) on 15-16 June 2021 (all details about the programme and registrations are available at https://netpreserve.org/ga2021/), then the RESAW conference.

Two separate calls are being launched for the IIPC and RESAW conferences, but there will be shared events and joint keynote speeches.



With a view to promoting the establishing of a collaborative European research infrastructure for the study of archived web materials the RESAW network — A Research Infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web Materials — was established in late 2012.



The conference will take place remotely due to the sanitary situation. It was planned at the University of Luxembourg’s Belval Campus. With its mixture of former steelwork facilities and modern architecture, Belval is a unique site with an inspiring atmosphere.